Keeping track of the bloggers
by Andy Sylvester Friday, April 22, 2016

John Philbin did a great thing - he started collecting a list of 1999 bloggers.  This is good - the more people keeping lists, the better! I hope more people respond to his post to the 1999-user mailing list.

I also started a list of 1999 bloggers from the beginning. I have a river at and the list is at Contact me at @AndySylvester99 if you want to be added to the river!

  • Your river was a revelation for me. I had no idea there were so many people using Dave's new tool. With his earlier tools, like MyWord Editor, I would look at the support Google group, not see much activity and conclude that no one was using it much. But maybe they were, outside my view! Anyway, really glad to have your river, a great way to scan the activity that is happening.

    • You are welcome! Us users have to have a way to follow what the group is doing. This is my attempt to help out in that area.

  • Thanks Andy. Not so much a list as a way Feedly users can pull the new posts through to their reader. IF that is what they use. That said - it did occur to me that we could do a Listly list. [If useful]. I have already started a twitter list - though not yet added many people to it. [On my 'todo' list] For reference Twitter list is here : and the Feedly list is here :